Self DogWash
All services combined in a compact and robust system

Equipped with a coin mechanism, the DogWash self-service is completely autonomous.

During a determined time, the user can access all the services:
- Water at temperature
- Shampoo distributed in foam
- The hot air dryer

A large access door on the front, facilitates access for our 4-legged companions.

The Self DogWash has a non-slip mat and a strap hanger to wash the animal safely. 
Technical characteristics:
  • Stainless steel tank 150 cm x 60cm and 50 cm depth
  • Hinged access door over the entire length of the tank
  • Non-slip rubber mat
  • Stainless steel bracket and leather straps
  • Automated control system with timer
  • Coin validator accepting € 1 & € 2 coins
  • Compressed air foam shampoo gun
  • Medical grade flushing gun
  • Water mixer block for determining a constant temperature
  • Drainage channel with filter grid